31 Days of Food

2017 has been an action-packed year for all those involved in SDG2. As such, the Hub thought it important to take stock of the work and progress made in the last year in food, nutrition and agriculture.

Join us in reflecting back through 31 days of content that will run through the course of December.

Each day we will provide a quote, video or key achievement towards SDG2 as we come to the end of the year.

A set of 7 social media assets will be posted at a time with a full account of the whole campaign in a document at the bottom of the page. Help us celebrate this year's progress and acknowledge the status of SDG2. 

Thursday December 14 

Asia-Pacific @EATforum helped to facilitate collaboration to fix the planet’s broken food system. Key takeaways of event:  http://bit.ly/2iy7aeN #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife #ThrowbackThursday

Asia-Pacific EAT Forum in Jakarta

Friday December 15 

A #sustainable food system requires us to rethink how we manage food waste http://bit.ly/2Af3oSL with these initiatives http://bit.ly/2k8Qfz1 leading the way #FoodIsLife #31DaysOfFood

Food waste infographic

Saturday December 16 

Eco-chef and food waste activist @TomsFeast helped form a #ChefsManifesto so chefs can contribute to the #SDGs Check out his #WinterEats recipe #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

Tom Hunt Biograph

Tom's recipe

Sunday December 17 

Watch Dr Brent Loken from @EATForum discuss a solution for sustainable diets for 9.5 billion people within planetary boundaries #FoodIsLife #31DaysOfFood https://youtu.be/LevPIPJCTHI

Dr Brent Loken TedTalk

Monday December 18

At @COP23 @grazianodasilva stressed the nexus between #hunger, #climatechange and #agriculture that requires a concerted effort #FoodIsLife #31DaysOfFood

Da Silva Quote from COP23

Tuesday December 19 

Violence in #NorthEastNigeria is having a serious effect on its civilian population #SDG2 #FoodIsLife #31DaysOfFood

Northeast Nigeria Update

Wednesday December 20

Hear adolescents speak about malnutrition in #Nigeria and #Bangladesh & the role of political leaders in improving their #Nutrition in video by @savechildrenuk #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife #WednesdayWisdom https://youtu.be/am1RCQ0g-Kk

Our Nutrition, Our Future Video

Thursday December 21

Chefs are important advocates for a better food future. Find out what chefs do globally to contribute to #SDGs #ChefsManifesto http://bit.ly/2zL8VjI #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife #ThrowbackThursday

Chef Manifesto Infographic

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