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June was an action packed month for the Chef's Network for the Global Goals with the launch of the Chefs’ Manifesto Action Plan in Stockholm and launch of the first Chefs' Manifesto Action Hub in London. Through these events, chefs joined the world’s brightest minds tackling food system challenges and contributed their unique insights and wealth of food experience to these discussions. Returning home, the chefs brought back fresh ideas to share and implement in their own kitchens and chef communities. Here are a few reflections:


Chef Arlette Eulert is a columnist for Peruvian newspaper "Diario Correo". Following Stockholm adventures, Chef Arlette has written two articles sharing her thoughts from this gathering. The first is titled: "Ser Cocinero y Cambiar el Mundo?", or "Be a chef and change the world?", discusses the Chefs Manifesto and the desire felt by chefs around the world to do something for their society. 

Peru Newspaper

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Chef Arlette's second article titled "Todo Sobre el EAT Forum 2018", or "Everything About EAT Forum 2018", highlights key moments and insights from the Forum and what they mean for achieving a sustainable food future in Peru.

"How sad it is to live in a country so rich & so poor. Where authorities don't value agriculture and there is little to celebrate on Day of the Farmer, as 250,000 farmers live in extreme poverty & now face a drought," says Chef Arlette. 

Arlette 2

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In Chef Ali Mandhry's home country, the Coastweek newspaper featured a story introducing the Chefs' Manifesto and detailing Chef Ali's recent trip to Stockholm. 

Ali newspaper

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United States

Venezuelan American Chef Alejandra gave an interview on Home and Family TV Cooking Show, showcasing a favourite Venezuelan dish, Yucca Bunuelos, and discussing her trip to Stockholm.

United Kingdom 

New Zealand born Chef Chantelle Nicholson spoke to The Caterer about her involvement in launching the first Chefs' Manifesto Action Hub in London and what sustainability means to her. “Sustainability is not just about recycling & food waste, it’s also about people. If you’re not teaching skills, it’s not going to be a sustainable industry,” says Chef Chantelle. 


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Chef Dennis The Prescott was featured in the Huddle magazine discussing his work as a World Vision Canada ambassador and his involvement in the Chefs' Manifesto launch in Stockholm. In this article, he highlights the role chefs can and should be playing. “If we’re not leading [the drive for a better food system] as chefs, as food leaders, there’s something wrong with that. We need to be vocal about it,” says Chef Dennis. 


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