G7 and Famine toolkit


The G7 Leaders’ Summit on 22-23 May is an opportunity to highlight the urgency of the looming famines in Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen and the famine in South Sudan, while also drawing attention to the unfulfilled G7 pledge from 2015 to lift 500m people out of hunger and malnutrition.


To take advantage of the media attention around the G7 summit and ring the alarm on a massive humanitarian crisis, we have created a simple set of resources that are available to partner agencies to use over the next 4 weeks. We are particularly looking to elevate the SDG2 agenda and push for urgent short and long term action on G7 promises in line with target 2.1 to “end hunger and ensure access by all people, in particular the poor, and people in vulnerable situations including infants to safe, nutritious and sufficient food all year round.” We are calling for content resources from all members of the SDG 2 Advocacy Hub and will be looking to build and enhance this toolkit as we gather more content from other sources. We have created 2 versions using 2 hashtags #nownotlater and #endfamine as we are aware both are being used for different audiences and purposes already

How to use the kit:

The resources are created without organisational branding but you may want to add your own and this is fine. We have created both PSD files and Jpegs so you can do this.

Dates of focus ·

21st May – Global day of Prayer & 26-27th May – G7 summit

Media Talking Points: ·

  • The world faces four famines and up to twenty million people at risk of starvation. ·
  • This situation demands leadership from the G7 to fill the gap and fund the famines. ·
  • G7 leaders must keep their promise to tackle the root causes of famines to end hunger by 2030 and prevent future famines.
  • Highlight the rainy season/hunger season fast approaching – which will further cut off access and stress the issues of access in Yemen ·
  • Aid can work – share stories of aid getting through from partners.