2021 Global Nutrition Report: The state of global nutrition

Tune into the launch event of the 2021 Global Nutrition Report: The state of global nutrition on 23 November 2021! 

The 2021 Global Nutrition Report will show that poor diets and resulting malnutrition in all its forms continue to be unacceptably high across the world and will outline key challenges in meeting global ambitions for healthy, sustainable diets that put an end to malnutrition and preserve the planet.

The report’s findings lay bare how unsustainable the status quo is and how we continue to face a global nutrition crisis. The need for bolder, more sustained, and more coordinated action on nutrition, that must go far beyond the nutrition community, has never been greater. When accounting for the vast and largely interconnected health, economic and environmental burdens, this global nutrition crisis is a reality we can no longer afford to ignore.

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