The three priorities of G20 in Argentina are:

  • The future of work
  • Infrastructure for development
  • A sustainable food future 

The third priority- a sustainable food future- focuses specifically on improving social productivity by sustainable means. 

Food security is an important link in the process of achieving stability and peace. In no other case are security and development more evidently interlinked and mutually reinforced as in food. Meeting the dietary needs of future populations requires a sustainable way of increasing agricultural productivity.

The G20 countries are key players in the global food system. Our territories account for about 60% of all agricultural land and account for almost 80% of world trade in food and agricultural commodities.

Soils are a key part of the natural environment and from where most of the food consumed by mankind is produced. As a limited and non-renewable resource, they require the greatest attention. Healthy, fertile and productive soils are necessary for food security and human health, and their preservation is crucial for sustainable development and life on our planet.

Approximately 10 million hectares of cropland are lost every year due to soil erosion. The reduction of the land available for food production causes an irreversible degradation to the ecosystem which becomes dramatic in developing countries or regions with high food insecurity.

We have a valuable opportunity to promote a broad debate on the importance of sustainable soil management. The work in this field will be oriented to explore how the G20 can provide the international coordination necessary to foster public-private collaboration between industries, governments, international agencies, farmers' associations and civil society.