#NotWasted Culinary Arts experience


#NotWasted Culinary Arts Experience is an interactive event where guests will experience the creativity of seeing food “waste” transformed into art and culinary delicacies.

About this Event

Celebrate Earth Day with a group of like-minded chefs and artists who will use their medium to highlight the possibilities of #NotWasted food. Food waste is a complex challenge that affects all of us on a day-to-day basis. 

The statistics are especially staggering in the United States. Americans throw away 40% of their food—upward of 400 pounds per person per year. This, while 42 million Americans report that they don’t have enough to eat*.

Yet with creativity and collaboration we can move the needle on this issue through events like #NotWasted. We will bring together different facets of the equation for an engaging evening of tasty bites, provocative art pieces and informative discussions. All of this to raise awareness about an important topic and money for an organization that is taking action now. We are proud to donate 100% of the proceeds to The Capital Area Food Bank

The evening will include:

  • #NotWasted Hors d’ oeuvres
  • “Trash” Cocktails, beer and wine
  • "One Man's Trash" Art Auction

A panel of chefs who are leading the way in DC’s zero waste food movement 

Featured Chefs:

  • Todd Gray, Equinox Restaurant
  • Robert Wood, SuperFd & EcoCaters 
  • Michelle Brown, Teaism
  • Gregory Payne, Sodexo 
  • Chef Tee and students, DCCK 

The evening’s partners include:

  • WWF 
  • DC Working Recovery Group
  • Chef’s Manifesto 
  • Creating Events
  • Food Rescue US

*WWF, Preventing Food Waste, Fall 2018

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