SDGs Implementation in Africa – Reflections on a Three-Year Journey

The Conference will provide a public forum for high-level discussion on SDG progress across Africa and of the priorities and challenges for SDG implementation, including the institutional and financial gaps in implementation. A complete trend analysis of Africa’s progress to dateand how far it must go towards achieving the SDGs will be provided to participants, including both qualitative and quantitative analysis of progress and constraints. Presentations, panels and plenary discussions will occur on the information arising out of the Mid-Term Report and Africa SDG Index including the following aspects:

  • progress towards the achievement of the SDGs in Africa from 2016 – 2018;
  • simulation and forecasting analysis on a select number of SDGs, with trend data series;
  • critical review of the performance challenges towards the SDGs;
  • mapping and performance of the governance framework for SDGs;
  • progress on the aspirations of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) for financing development,
  • SDG data gaps; and
  • a review of important “unfinished business” towards SDG achievement.