UN Food Systems Summit 2021 Individual Dialogue: Swiss Roundtable

The Mediterranean Region is one of the most biodiverse in the world, home to a complex of cultures, climates and cuisines. The ability of Mediterranean Agriculture to sustain its people – and the planet- is now threatened by several issues including malnutrition, limited agricultural diversification, lower nutrition value of products, changes to dietary patterns and food culture. We also aim to discuss an evidence of some of the signature Mediterranean products and ingredients, their culinary practice and consumption in the non-Mediterranean regions like the UK, Germany, Switzerland and partially, other countries within a Central Europe.


What are the Objectives and Goals of the prepared Roundtable Sessions ?
- To build more awareness around production and consumption  agricultural commodities (e.g. olives, olive oil, dairy, grains plant-based products, etc.) in the Mediterranean/non-Mediterranean regions

- To create a problem-solving discussion (part of the UN Food Systems Global Dialogues), exchange knowledge and information

-To create a universal language for interdisciplinary professionals to connect with smaller food systems actors, create translatable key messages and act upon