31 Days of Food

To drive SDG2 action in 2019, the Hub has created a social kit that reviews highlights from 2018 and calls attention to upcoming SDG2 moments. This social kit includes 31 social tiles that underline key moments in agriculture, nutrition and food with accompanying drafted social media messaging. Please share this content across social media platforms. 

Day 26: 

Native to East Africa, tamarind or ukwaju is rich in nutrients & used to treat dehydration when juiced. Tamarind is local super #food that can help deliver good #nutrition across the region #FoodIsLIfe 


Day 27: 

16 #chefs launched a #ChefsManifesto Action Plan at @EATForum https://bit.ly/2QUM9yg If chefs take a lead on #sustainability, diners, #farmers, business & even gov’ts will follow #FoodIsLife

Action plan

Day 28:

Only 2 of 44 Sub-Saharan countries have good #ag data. 50x2030 aims to fill this gap with regular surveys of farming households in 50 countries #FoodIsLife


Day 29:

Using drawings & colours, @theIRC’s #malnutrition treatment reform allows community health workers to diagnose & treat children at home #FoodIsLife 

simplified health guidelines

Day 30: 

Used in the traditional flatbread injera, teff is nutrient-rich super food & regional staple #SDG2 #FoodIsLife 


Day 31: 

#SDG2 lies at the heart of a sustainable #future for both people & planet. In 2019, we must all do our part to deliver this potential. Join us. #FoodIsLife