31 Days of Food 2020

To drive SDG2 action as we head into the Decade of Delivery on the Global Goals, the Hub has created a social kit that reviews highlights from 2019 and calls attention to upcoming SDG2 moments in 2020. The kit includes 31 social tiles that underline key developments in agriculture, nutrition and food with accompanying drafted social media messaging. Please share this content across social media platforms.


Day 21:

Since 2018, 9 Food Forever Experiences took place across the world. Chefs cooked with lesser known ingredients & planted the seed for a more diverse & #sustainable future! Stay tuned for more #FFX in 2020: https://bit.ly/2QEN4jE @foodforever2020 #TastyTuesday #31DaysOfFood

Day 21


Day 22:

There's a remarkable opportunity to transform food & land use systems. The 2019 #FOLU report proposes a reform agenda, centered around 10 critical transitions, of real actionable solutions. Check it out: https://bit.ly/2QdMgD1 #WednesdayWisdom #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

Day 22


Day 23:

How are #nutrition & climate connected? What is business’ role in nourishing people?At #SUNGG19, participants highlighted successes & challenges of ending #malnutrition. Let’s #InvestInNutrition in 2020:https://bit.ly/39rkRW4@SUN_Movement #N4G #ThrowbackThursday #31DaysOfFood

Day 23


Day 24:

25-30% of total GHG emissions are attributable to the food system, finds 2019 #IPCC report. These are from crop and livestock activities, from agriculture & land use, and from food loss and waste. Read it here:https://bit.ly/35h9X1S #FridayFact #31DaysOfFood

Day 24


Day 25:

As part of @WFP’s #StopTheWaste campaign, @chef_chantelle & her restaurant Tredwells featured the CONSIDER(EAT) menu to raise awareness about #hunger by asking customers to be more conscious of #foodwaste. Find it here: https://bit.ly/2QxNqZ1 #SaturdayShoutOut #31DaysOfFood

Day 25


Day 26:

Embracing all available energy solutions, including clean, renewable energy, can help African farmers throughout the planting season, ease the slog of work & help meet increased food demands. Read the #EnergizedReport here: https://bit.ly/2ZDU3x7 #SundayRead #31DaysOfFood

Day 26


Day 27:

The 2019 @FAO State of the World’s Biodiversity report presents 1st global assessment of biodiversity for food & agriculture (BFA), drawing on 91 country reports, 27 reports from IOs and inputs from 175+ authors. Check it out: https://bit.ly/2tmfqXM #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

Day 27


Day 28:

The slim, green seed pod Okra is among the most heat & drought resistant vegetables and therefore well- suited to resist #climatechange. When cooked, the seeds produce a sticky liquid, making them ideal for strong & spicy soups and stews. #TastyTuesday #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

Day 28


Day 29:

UN Food Systems Summit 2021 aims to generate momentum, expand the knowledge and share experience and approaches worldwide to help countries and stakeholders unleash the benefits of food systems for all peoplehttps://bit.ly/2QbKjHr#WednesdayWisdom #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

Day 29


Day 30:

“Without adaptation, #climatechange may reduce global #ag yields by up to 30% by 2050, finds #AdaptNow report@GCAdaptationhttpshttps://bit.ly/2QEYwf7#ThrowbackThursday #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

Day 30


Day 31:

As we head into 2020 and the Decade of Delivery, let’s join forces to ensure a sustainable future for all people & the planet! #31DaysOfFood #FoodIsLife

Day 31