Eat For Good Swaps

The Chefs’ Manifesto and Future 50 Foods have come together this Earth Day to help restore the world by changing what’s on our plate.

In an interactive digital storybook, ten chefs from the network share which ingredients they decided to swap to a Future 50 Food in a series of delicious, healthy and sustainable recipes that are good for people & planet.

Find on this page all 10 recipes for download and ready to be tried out in your own kitchen!

Future 50 Foods

F50F The Future 50 Foods Report by Knorr, WWF-UK and Dr. Adam Drewnowski provides a tangible solution to decrease the environmental impact of our food while increasing the nutritional value of our meals. It outlines food system issues and identifies 50 of the foods we should eat more of to help improve the health of people and the planet. The ambition is to make three shifts in the foods grown and eaten globally: more vegetables, plant-based in place of animal-based protein sources, and more variety in grains and cereals. The Future 50 Foods are a wide variety of vegetables, plant-based proteins, grains and cereals.

‘Simple swaps in everyday meals to Future 50 Foods that re more nutritious and take less resources make a big impact on our health and that of the planet. This is what we call ‘Eat for Good’. – Dorothy Shaver, Global Sustainability Lead, Knorr at Unilever

Good Food For All

GFFAShifting from a technical discussion to a focus on food, Good Food For All speaks to the breadth of Goal 2 – from biodiversity to malnutrition in all its forms to sustainable agriculture – and a wider food experience touching on all SDGs. Creating a fresh new way of speaking about opportunities and challenges of agriculture, nutrition and food, Good Food For All mobilises the public and garners investment across multiple sectors. Through 8 pillars, the narrative builds bridges to other conversations: gender, climate and conflict. With ‘For All’ the narrative places equity at the centre of the conversation, creating an opportunity for us to accelerate SDG action.

Please download the recipe cards for the following delicious dishes below: 

  • Chef Shridula Chatterjee – Horse gram lentil parathas with hemp seed chutney
  • Chef Bikram Das – The future salad
  • Chef Aldo Arias – Quinoa risotto
  • Chef Chantelle Nicholson – Wild rice, caramelised onion & kale risotto
  • Chef JB – Salsify 7 Ways
  • Chef Alejandra Schrader – Plant-based stuffed peppers
  • Chef Justin Horne – Broccamole
  • Chef Radhika Khandelwal – Moringa besto
  • Chef Palmiro Ocampo – Green pea husk´s soup 
  • Chef Mary Worthington – Roast butternut and lentil salad