World Food Day 2020

This years #WorldFoodDay marks the 75th Anniversary of the founding of FAO, with a view to looking towards the future we need to build together and the theme “Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future.”

As countries deal with the widespread effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, World Food Day 2020 will highlight how food and agriculture are an essential part of the COVID-19 response. World Food Day 2020 will call for global cooperation and solidarity to help the most vulnerable to recover from the crisis. It will call on countries to build back better by making food systems more resilient and robust so they can withstand increasing volatility and climate shocks, deliver healthy and sustainable diets for all, and decent livelihoods for food system workers.

At the same time, World Food Day 2020 will celebrate the people who produce, plant, harvest, fish or transport our food and call on the public to thank these #FoodHeroes who, no matter the circumstances, continue to provide food to their communities and beyond - helping to grow, nourish and sustain our world.

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Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together.

The COVID-19 global health crisis has been a time to reflect on things we truly cherish and our most basic needs. These uncertain times have made many of us rekindle our appreciation for a thing that some take for granted and many go without: food.

Food is the essence of life and the bedrock of our cultures and communities. Preserving access to safe and nutritious food is and will continue to be an essential part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for poor and vulnerable communities, who are hit hardest by the pandemic and resulting economic shocks.

In a moment like this, it is more important than ever to recognise the need to support our food heroes - farmers and workers throughout the food system - who are making sure that food makes its way from farm to fork even amid disruptions as unprecedented as the current COVID-19 crisis.

Our actions are our future.

Countries, the private sector and civil society need to make sure that our food systems grow a variety of food to nourish a growing population and sustain the planet, together.

We all have a role to play, from increasing the overall demand for nutritious food by choosing healthy, to not letting sustainable habits fall by the wayside, despite these uncertain times.

Read more about how your everyday actions can make an impact!

Get Involved! 

Everyone across our food chain has an important role to play; check out what you can do as:

This is no ordinary World Food Day, and we need anything but ordinary action. Whether a government, private business, NGO, journalist, city, or a civil society organisation, we need to spread the call for action through activities and events.

In addition to the website, a range of products to assist in promoting World Food Day can be found in the FAO75 & WFD 2020 Asset Bank including:

  1. Communications Handbook & Toolkit - the World Food Day Communications Handbook and Toolkit complete with information on the theme, key messages, actions, promotional materials and ideas.  This guide contains all the information necessary to support you in organizing a local campaign, activity or event and provides suggestions on how to build on outreach efforts by working with partners. Information on the complete multimedia package that will be distributed by September 2020 is also included.
  2. Trello Board 
  3. Youth Poster Contest - youth between the ages of 5-19 are invited to create a poster of their favourite food hero at work.
  4. Activity book - Food Heroes – for youth ages 8-12. 
  5. Hashtags to use: #WorldFoodDay, #FoodHeroes