3rd Annual Good Food Summit in Suzhou

By Yi-Wen Lee, Plant Forward Whole Foods Chef Educator based in Shanghai, China. 

Every year in the summer, change-makers from across China will attend the Good Food Summit, where they meet with international speakers, enablers and mentors from around the globe to discuss some of the most pressing issues in our food system today. 

The 3rd Annual Good Food Summit, an annual food leadership conference hosted by the Good Food Fund of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF) was held on August 16 and 17, 2019 in Suzhou, China.  Gathering the finest minds and most compassionate hearts, the Summit was attended by 200 participants who want to connect, share, learn, shape and transform China’s food system to a healthier, more sustainable and ethical one.


With the theme "Into the 2020s", this year's Summit explored how we can achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, mitigate climate change, slow biodiversity loss, and meet the rising demand for food. Speakers and delegates alike were invited to think ahead ten years on how we can bring about/back a plant-forward diet, menus for the future and food industry trends in sustainability, igniting a food system transformation, green catering development, supporting better practices in animal welfare, reducing food waste and encouraging chefs to take part in the movement.  

Here are the highlights: 

The 3rd Annual Good Food Summit saw the official launch of the ground-breaking EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems in China. With a transformation in global eating habits, improved food production systems and a reduction in food waste, the EAT-Lancet finds that it is possible to deliver healthy and sustainable diets for a population of 10 billion people by 2050 without damaging the planet. Jian Yi, President of The Good Food Fund opened his speech with a powerful statement from the EAT-Lancet Report stating that “Food is the single strongest lever to optimize human health and environmental sustainability on earth.” Changing the way food is consumed and produced is known to be the most effective tool for us to improve human health and the health of the planet. "Good food" is meant to be good for human and for nature.

In addition, Chef Chris Huang from Guangzhou launched the Chefs’ Manifesto initiative in China. By Chefs, for Chefs, the Chefs’ Manifesto seeks to profile chefs’ work, shared learnings and best practice as well as empower chefs around the globe to be advocates for a sustainable food system within the eight key framework areas. 

As part of this project, Plant Forward Whole Foods Chef Educator Yi-Wen travelled to Sweden to cook alongside global chefs at the Zero Waste Village at Smaka På Stockholm Food Festival.  Yi-Wen was also the Plant Forward menu consultant for the 3rd Annual Good Food Summit as well as the moderator for the ‘Trash to Treasure’ session to inspire participants on creative ways to reduce food waste.


During the ‘Trash to Treasure’ cooking demo, Good Food Chefs AhJun and Chris along with celebrity New York Chefs Anita Lo and Elizabeth Falkner curated zero waste creations.  Chef AhJun used watermelon skin along with shiitake mushrooms and water chestnut to make wontons, Chef Chris used root vegetable peels to create a stir-fried dish, Chef Elizabeth used roasted carrots and raw carrots to make a salad with wholegrains and Chef Anita transformed broccoli stems into a salad.


After a day of thought provoking dialogues and workshops, all chefs from the audience were invited to sign Good Food Fund’s Chef 3.0 Initiative and the Chefs’ Manifesto. 


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