The Chefs' Manifesto at AGRF 2020

AGRF 2020 TileThis year, the Chefs' Manifesto had a broad presence at the first ever virtual AGRF Summit, hosted by Rwanda. 

The AGRF – the Africa Green Revolution Forum – is the world's premier forum for African agriculture, bringing together stakeholders in the agricultural landscape to take practical actions and share lessons that will move African agriculture forward.

This year, the summit – held from 8-11 September – looked at the topic 'Feed the Cities, Grow the Continent' and discussed with a variety of speakers, how to better leverage Urban Food Markets to achieve sustainable food systems in Africa. The summit carried a strong call to action to rethink our food systems to deliver resilient, better nourished, and more prosperous outcomes for all. In the middle of it all were 11 of our core Chefs' Manifesto chefs from across the African continent, participating through engaging videos about topics such as biodiversity, nutrition and agriculture, and through a panel discussion about Good Food For All.

Find all videos and snapshots of the sessions below & help amplify and share them across your network to raise awareness about the challenges but also the opportunities that lie ahead for the transformation of our food systems! 


Chef Panel – Good Food For All

This exciting session will explore how to deliver good food for all through the experience of leading African chefs. The chefs will describe the future of the food system, explored from how to source African food, to how to increase the consumption of nutritious foods, all the way to food loss and waste.



Chefs' Videos 

1 – Morning Dish of the Day – with Chefs Claude, Olivier, Patrice and Japan

Chef Claude in collaboration with other chefs in Rwanda prepare a cultural breakfast to celebrate the Food Festival in Rwanda.


2 – Lunch Dish of the Day – with Chef Selassie Atadika

Chef Selassie explains the concept of plant forward i.e. more plant based diets and less proteins on our plates.

3 – Evening Dish of the Day – with Chef Pierre Thiam

Chef Pierre uses an ancient grain, Fonio that has been around for over 5000 years to make a Fonio and Mango Salad. Fonio is an environmental friendly crop and Chef Pierre explains what Yolele Foods is doing with smallholder farmers in West Africa to turn Fonio into a commercial crop creating economic opportunities.

4 – Morning Dish of the Day – with Chef Mokgadi Itsweng

Chef Mokgadi prepares a traditional meal using traditional ingredients that have been forgotten including tieng, an ancient sorghum grain that is drought resistant and good for the environment. Chef Mokgadi is advocating for the cities to return to traditional foods that are nutritious instead of unhealthy fast foods.

5 – Evening Dish of the Day – with Chef Christian Abegan

Chef Christian calls us to action, to think about the Future of Food, and make all efforts to respect nature and find rich nutritious ingredients that are good for health and the planet, like the black-eyed peas.

6 – Morning Dish of the Day – with Chef Akram Cherif

Chef Akram advocates for direct sourcing of their fish from fishermen offering them better prizes than the markets, encouraging sustainable and responsible fishing and no kill of small fish. Other handmade ingredients are sourced from women that make them at home. "The 20th century destroyed nature, in the 21st century, in the 21st, we must act differently" is Chef Akram's key message.

7 – Lunch Dish of the Day – with Chef Mokgadi Itsweng

Chef Mokgadi continues to advocate for the consumption of forgotten traditional ingredients in cities and makes another sorghum traditional dish. She promotes Local Village, a store in Johannesburg, South Africa that is bringing traditional ingredients back in circulation in the cities and makes them easily accessible to city dwellers.

8 – Evening Dish of the Day – with Chefs Lorna Maseko and Coco Reinarhz

Chefs Lorna and Coco prepare 2 traditional dishes - Aramat and pumpkin seed soup with cassava fufu, and Durban curry using chickpeas, garam masala and butternut - to showcase ingredients from the continent.

9 – Breakfast of the Day – with Chef Ali Mandhry

Chef Ali is in Rwanda to see for himself how traditional cuisine is being threatened by climate change. Unpredictable weather is causing havoc with regional farming practises and sometimes basic ingredients are missing. He meets a local farmer who teaches him how to make a popular traditional dish - Bananas with beans and split green peas - and explains to him how sourcing for ingredients is becoming a challenge due to climate change.

10 – Chef Elijah Addo – Affordable, Nutritious Diets

Check out this video where Chef Elijah Addo talks about the importance of affordable, nutritious diets.