5th Annual Wild and Feral Food Week

Join the 5th Annual Wild and Feral Food Week, 24—31stof May! During this week, chefs, foragers, farmers, and suppliers around the world promote the use of wild and feral foods through their businesses. Led by Chef Roberto Flore, Wild Food Feral Week encourages public policy to increase the amount of free, fresh nutritious foods in cities, by stopping the use of herbicides on public lands; allowing foraging of invasive species on public lands; and by promoting the design of parks and public spaces that provide food and habitat for wildlife. Here are five ways to join the fun:

  • If you are a chef or bartender, include wild or feral ingredients on your menu
  • If you are a farmer, harvest between the rows and add edible weeds to your buy sheet
  • If you are a forager, list what you are offering, lead a nature walk, or give a lecture
  • If you are an eater or a drinker, eat or drink something wild—and patronize a participating restaurant or bar!

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