Launch of Action Hub London: Tuesday

Tuesday’s events will bring together a wider audience of chefs, suppliers, foodies and food industry members to discuss a range of topics. In the morning, attendees will focus on the Chefs Network and brainstorm how to further its reach and impact as well as discuss how to deliver the Chefs’ Manifesto in the food industry. Lawrence Woodward will then lead a discussion on sustainability- and the uses and abuses of this term- and what it looks like in a complex world. The afternoon will see a discussion for chefs to engage in the true nature of food in urban environments hosted by Carolyn Steel, a giant amongst narrators in the food industry. Carolyn will discuss the daily miracle of feeding a city, the unsustainable trends that shape our food future and what can be done about them.

Leading on from this discussion, chefs will attend a panel that uncovers the realities of feeding a city. To finish off the afternoon, there will be an interactive session talk over the key nutrition issues facing the world today. In the evening, chefs, foodies and food industry members will come together to eat, talk and celebrate the Hub over a tasty, low energy, carbon based menu.

Tuesday's events

If interested in attending any of these events, please register your interest through this survey.