Launch of Action Hub London: Wednesday

Wednesday’s events will look at some of the key challenges facing today’s food industry and society more generally. For World Refugee Day, Mazi Mas’s refugee chefs are invited to cook with Manifesto chefs in an event to raise awareness around refugees as well as celebrate the diversity of people and food in London by showcasing recipes and cooking styles of the refugee community. In the afternoon, Pat Thomas, will lead an interactive seminar that demystifies genetic engineering and synthetic biology and discusses the sustainability of these ‘fake’ foods and what they mean for provenance, nutrition, food quality and customer trust.

Next, the Action Hub attendees will discuss what an Action Hub is as to create a guide for both the London Hub as well as future Hubs. In the evening, there a dinner focused on the impacts of conflict on food with a panelists from WFP, Save the Children and World Vision.

Wednesday's programme of events

If interested in attending any of these events, please register your interest through this survey.