The Power of the Plate

From ingredient apps to blockchain-enabled produce trackers, technology is disrupting the traditional food system and making transparency its new bedrock. Consumers increasingly want to know more concerning the origin, quality, sustainability, and traceability of their food, so they can take informed decisions. They also increasingly want to understand the conditions of workers who help produce the food, so they can vote with their forks and wallets. Committed to working at the intersection of food and justice, culinary leaders are rising above the plate and working towards food system change. 

The James Beard Foundation is recognizing the efforts of these leaders as recipients of their annual Leadership Awards. Hosted in Chicago for the first time this spring, the Awards will highlight changemakers who are committed to increasing food security and improving the wellbeing of their communities. In partnership with the James Beard Foundation, the Chicago Council is pleased to welcome this year’s honorees for a timely discussion on how fusing culinary excellence and sustainability can lead to a healthier, more equitable food system.


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