World Economic Forum on Latin America

The World Economic Forum on Latin America will gather over 700 global and regional leaders from government, business and civil society at a decisive time for Latin America, as an intense electoral cycle over the next two years promises far-reaching political and socio-economic impacts.

The meeting will address strategic issues of national and regional significance under three thematic pillars: 

Fostering Responsible Leadership and Agile Governance 
Debate how leaders from all walks of life can create long-term value for society and overcome regional governance challenges. The current period of widespread political change offers an opportunity to inspire Latin American leaders with new narratives that fulfil the constituents’ expectations. 

Ensuring Economic Progress for All 
Examine how structural reforms and investment, accompanied by industrial upgrades, diversification and human-capital development, can ensure increased productivity and economic progress for all. 

Harnessing the Potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 
Explore how the region can shape technology and innovation to its benefit. This includes understanding the impact of technologies such as blockchain, the internet of things, machine learning and robotics.



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