Best podcasts of 2017

Podcasts are a great way to catch up on some of the key issues around food, nutrition, agriculture and cuisine. We rounded up some of the best shows of 2017 that give an expert or unique insight into some of the issues that cut across the SDGs.

  1. Hacking Hunger - WFP USA

Hacking Hunger

Hacking Hunger shares hidden, human stories about food on the front lines of hunger. These perspectives are contextualized with the latest news and innovations on emergency food aid, nutrition, and the logistical operations involved in delivering food to tens of millions of people every year that only the U.N. World Food Programme-the leading humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide-can provide. Americans have a pivotal role to play in the fight to end hunger, a critical effort of the recently adopted United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. As the granddaughter of Illinois farmers and a former reporter at TIME Magazine, host M.J. Altman brings a personal and journalistic lens to help discover and impart these unique stories to U.S. audiences.

  1. Bite - Mother Jones


Described as a podcast for people who think hard about their food, this podcast uncovers the surprising stories behind what ends up on your plate. Join Tom Philpott, an acclaimed food and farming blogger, Kiera Butler and Maddie Oatman as they speak to a variety of farmers, chefs and scientists to explore the politics and science behind what we eat and why.

  1. The Global Prosperity Wonkcast - Centre for Global Development

CGDHosted by Rajesh Mirchandani at the Centre for Global development, this show provides quick, accessible information on particular policy issues affecting the SDGs. Every week, the show features interviews with development experts. Recent interviews include Mark Lowcock, the new UN Emergency Relief Coordinator and Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, David Milliband of the International rescue Committee and Helle Thorning-Schmidt, CEO of Save the Children International.

  1. Farmer to Farmer: Chris Blanchard

Farmer to farmer

This podcast from Chris, a veteran farmer and educator who draws on over 25 years of experience, looks at now innovations and the practicalities that go into making a farm work. Whether his guests are discussing employment philosophy or the best techniques for cultivating carrots, his down-to-earth conversations with experienced farmers - and the occasional non-farmer - will be time well spent. The Farmer to Farmer Podcast provides a fresh and honest look at everything from soil fertility and record-keeping to getting your crops to market with ease.

  1. The Sustainability Agenda: Fergal Byrne

Sustainability Agenda

The Sustainability Agenda explores today’s biggest sustainability questions, with leading sustainability thinkers on hand to offer their opinions and discuss what’s working –and what needs to change. The show’s host, Fergal Byrne, is a seasoned researcher and writer who has spent more than 20 years writing about business and entrepreneurship for the Financial Times, the Economist Group, The Guardian, The Evening Standard and The LA Times. This is a podcast to get you thinking about what we can change for a better future.

  1. For Food’s Sake – Matteo De Vos

For foods sake

These are some serious yet simple conversations about the food on our plates and its impact on people and the planet. For Food’s Sake recognises that consumers have a responsibility to inform themselves about food systems, and ensure that our food is produced without harming our planet. It also recognises that people are busy and complex ideas need to be digestible. The result is genuine, grounded, easy-to-follow conversations that ordinary people can relate to and take incremental, tangible and measurable change.

  1. The Food Chain – BBC


The Food Chain examines the business, science and cultural significance of food. Winner of the radio category at the 2015 Fortnum & Mason Food & Drink Award, this BBC podcast delves into “the economics, science and culture behind what we eat and drink”. The show tackles food issues head on, and engages listeners with on-the-road investigative reports as well as studio interviews.

  1. Spilled Milk - Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton

Spilled milk

For something a little more light-hearted, this comedic podcast starts with a food related topic – examining anything from pop tarts to lentils – and takes it a step further to look at every aspect. Two hilarious hosts bring out the joy in each and every ingredient they discuss.

   9. The Slow Melt 

The Slow MeltWinner of Saveur Magazine editor’s choice award for 2017 Best Food Podcast, Slow Melt is the first podcast dedicated to exploring chocolate in terms of the people, places and processes behind the $100 billion industry. It discusses all aspects of chocolate’s story from flavor and chemistry to conservation and sustainability to global markets and geography. Slow Melt takes this story one step further by addressing the issues around social justice and development related to this industry with insights from chocolate farmers.