Healthy Habits for All

Healthy Food Fun


Growing brains and bodies need lots of things to help them grow into strong, healthy adults. Access to safe and nutritious foods and an understanding of how to make healthy choices are some of those things. Research shows that a healthy diet can support brain function, strengthen bones, and even boost immunity! (CDC)

In the new Sesame Workshop video for families and providers, we see a real family (the Alicea-Eiras) talk about the importance of healthy habits on a budget, like “stretching” groceries to make lots of different meals. Families across the country are working hard to make sure their children have delicious and nutritious foods to keep them growing big and strong and our furry friends from Sesame Street are here to help with new resources all about healthy eating on a budget.

Sesame Street in Communities (SSIC) is an initiative that provides important resources and support for children, families, and providers across the country through bilingual, multi-media tools. As SSIC continues to meet the growing needs of children, they have launched a new initiative titled Healthy Habits for All. This new work features Chef Lily, a Muppet and ambassador for healthy eating, and promotes accessible ways for caregivers to help children develop healthy relationships with food, including strategies for meal planning and making budget-friendly meals and snacks.


Making Leftovers


The materials include:

  • Summer Sips, a digital storybook to encourage kids to drink more water by getting creative! In this book, Elmo, Rosita, and Lily try different recipes for “fruity water” to stay cool and hydrated while they have fun in the sun.
  • You’re Not Alone, a printable resource for families to remind caregivers that it is brave to ask for help and when they do, they are modeling resilience for the children in their care. This list of organizations and services offers ways to adjust and cope with changes in a family’s food situation.
  • Nutritional Milestones by Age, an article for adults to explain why the early years of development set the stage for healthy habits for life! This resource breaks down important milestones with tips to help build a strong foundation.
  • Chef Lily’s Tip: Cheers to Fruits & Veggies, a video to show the creative (and fun!) ways caregivers can incorporate more nutrition into their children’s diets.

These resources can be used by caregivers or providers working with children and families and are all available to access for free on the Sesame Street in Communities website. For children and families who may not have access to a computer, phone, or tablet, there are resources available to print and distribute within communities, such as articles and printable activity pages.

Visit to learn more about all of the SSIC resources focused on nutrition and healthy eating on a budget.