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Creating a world with Zero Hunger is possible.

For the past 20 years I have worked on programmes that have had one sole aim: to tackle the root causes of hunger. However with the introduction of the SDGs comes an abundance of opportunity:  we have the chance to collaborate across sectors and eradicate hunger by 2030 - but I believe this can only happen if we align our goals and combine our expertise.

We will have to partner in new ways within and outside of our sectors.This is where the SDG2 Advocacy Hub comes in. It provides a platform for all individuals and organisations with varying expertise to collaborate around an issue they all feel passionately about: Tackling hunger. 

Our aim is to bring new partners together to campaign effectively, engage a wider community and advocate for governments to commit to policy decisions, funding, and actions that will provide a measureable impact.  

If you have an idea or want to engage, please contact me. We are here to help you be more connected, strategic and impactful. Here’s how to get the best out of the SDG2 Hub’s site.

Get involved and join us to keep up to date on what the community is learning and doing.


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